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Programs and Activities

Education H&S organizes education programs for the parents and students in conjunction with the school.

Drama Club - The drama club produces a full length musical every spring

Student/ Schools Services H&S assists the school with various duties.

Room Parents - as needed by grade, parents volunteer to assit the teacher throughout the year.

Ongoing Programs H&S runs programs that occur throughout the school year.

Tuition Bucks - a program that allows families to reduce OLGC tuition by purchasing store certificates.
Food Labels - H&S organizes the collection of labels and redeems them for dollars for use to better the school.
Eat-Out Nights - 4-6 times a year H&S coordinates a night out at a local restaurant to raise funds for various school needs.

Single Events H&S organizes major events that take place throughout the school year.

1st Day of School Party Father/ Daughter Event
Fall Fundraiser - Calendar Raffle Open Gym Night
Movie Night Mother/ Son Event
Father/ Son Event Teacher Appreciation Week
Santa Shop Spring Fundraiser - Race for Education
Mother/ Daughter Event End of the Year Picnic
Chili Cook-Off  

Public Relations H&S coordinates communication throughout the OLGC community.

Newsletter - published monthly during the school year to highlight past and upcoming events.
Photographer - attends H&S events to document and submit items to the Diocesan newspaper.

2017 - 2018 Board

President Elizabeth Dallas
Vice-President open
Secretary Areliz Acosta
Treasurer Mollie Dunn
Fundraising Jean Wessels
Social Aisha Barocio
Spanish Speaking Liason Maria Rivera

2017 - 2018 Calendar Raffle Winners
Sept. 1st $25 Susana C. Aurora, IL
Sept. 2nd $50 Gerardo O. Chicago, IL
Sept. 3rd $100 David M. Chicago, IL
Sept. 4th $25 OLGC Tech Fund
Sept. 5th $25 Joel R. Aurora, IL
Sept. 6th $25 Rene O. Aurora, IL
Sept. 7th $25 Jorge O. Aurora, IL
Sept. 8th $25 Ben C. Frankfort, IL
Sept. 9th $50 Mara R. Merriville, IN
Sept. 10th $100 Maria R. Aurora, IN
Sept. 11th $25 Jesus A. Aurora, IN
Sept. 12th $25 Estella M. Aurora, IN
Sept. 13th $25 Leanne K. St. Charles, IL
Sept. 14th $25 Maria C. Aurora, IL
Sept. 15th $25 Joseph B. Aurora, IL
Sept. 16th $50 Javier T. Aurora, IL
Sept. 17th $100 Katie J. Oswego, IL
Sept. 18th $25 Susana G. Aurora, IL
Sept. 19th $25 Grace A. Aurora, IL
Sept. 20th $25 Aurora P. Aurora, IL
Sept. 21st $25 Edith V. Montgomery, IL
Sept. 22nd $25 Estela M. Aurora, IL
Sept. 23nd $25 Lamara W. Chicago, IL
Sept. 24rd $50 Rose W. Naperville, IL
Sept. 25th $100 Leticia M. Aurora, IL
Sept. 26th $25 Jasmine D. Aurora, IL
Sept. 27th $25 Gerardo L. Aurora, IL
Sept. 28th $25 Colleen C. Aurora, IL
Sept. 29th $25 OLGC Tech Fund
Sept. 30th $50 Julie K. Oswego, IL  

Sunday, Oct. 1st $500 Abraham Ruiz Aurora, IL
Sunday, Oct. 1st $250
(water park
gift card)
Patrick Mulcahey Rockford, IL 
Sunday, Oct. 1st Bike JoAnne Lucito Dyer, IN
Sunday, Oct. 1st $100 Marie Pierce Aurora, IL
Monday, Oct. 2nd $25 Baltazar Zavala Plano, IL
Tuesday, Oct. 3rd $25 Wayne Wessels Granger, IN
Wednesday, Oct. 4th $25 Gloria Penaloza Aurora, IL
Thursday, Oct. 5th $25 Sam Roggelin Aurora, IL
Friday, Oct. 6th $25 Nina Serrano Aurora, IL
Saturday, Oct. 7th $50 Martha Munoz Aurora, IL
Sunday, Oct. 8th $100 Josie Plascencia Aurora, IL
Monday, Oct. 9th $25 Iara Aquino Aurora, IL
Tuesday, Oct. 10th $25 Louis Pero Franklin Park, IL
Wednesday, Oct. 11th $25 Antonio DelaCruz Aurora, IL
Thursday, Oct. 12th $25 OLGC Tech Fund
Friday, Oct. 13th $25 Robin Kirtley Montgomery, IL
Saturday, Oct. 14th $50 Katherine Flynn Riverside, IL
Sunday, Oct. 15th $100 Agustin Mendoza Aurora, IL
Monday, Oct. 16th $25 Roberto Campos Aurora, IL
Tuesday, Oct. 17th $25 Susan Mata Aurora, IL
Wednesday, Oct. 18th $25 Joel Rivera Aurora, IL
Thursday, Oct. 19th $25 Jim Berg Aurora, IL
Friday, Oct. 20th $25 Antwan Reece Aurora, IL
Saturday, Oct. 21st $50 Jackie Stolanski Greensboro, GA
Sunday, Oct. 22nd $100 Alan Smith Aurora, IL
Monday, Oct. 23rd $25 Yolanda Piceno Aurora, IL
Tuesday, Oct. 24th $25 Felicia Fragosa Aurora, IL
Wednesday, Oct. 25th $25 OLGC Tech Fund
Thursday, Oct. 26th $25 Aida Rivera Aurora, IL
Friday, Oct. 27th $25 Ricardo DeLeon Oswego, IL
Saturday, Oct. 28th $50 Denise Duarte Aurora, IL
Sunday, Oct. 29th $100 Rose Burgess Aurora, IL
Monday, Oct. 30th $25 Maria Rivera Oswego, IL
Tuesday, Oct. 31st $25 OLGC Tech Fund

Wednesday, Nov. 1st $250 Amanda Burkholder Montgomery, IL
Thursday, Nov. 2nd $25 Karen Orrala Aurora, IL
Friday, Nov. 3rd $25 Miriam Estrada Aurora, IL
Saturday, Nov. 4th $50 Arcadio Cardenos Aurora, IL
Sunday, Nov. 5th $100 Eduardo Jaime Aurora, IL
Monday, Nov. 6th $25 Easter Apigo Aurora, IL
Tuesday, Nov. 7th $25 Ernesto Arias Aurora, IL
Wednesday, Nov. 8th $25 Katie Cherne Frankfort, IL
Thursday, Nov. 9th $25 Rogelio Cortez Bolingbrook, IL
Friday, Nov. 10th $25 Monica DeLaTorre Plano, IL
Saturday, Nov. 11th $50 Tony Silva Oswego, IL
Sunday, Nov. 12th $100 Hayde McMahille Aurora, IL
Monday, Nov. 13th $25 Alan Smith Aurora, IL
Tuesday, Nov. 14th $25 Maggie Vazquez Oswego, IL
Wednesday, Nov. 15th $25 Angel Duarte Aurora, IL
Thursday, Nov. 16th $25 Christine Riley Woodstock, IL
Friday, Nov. 17th $25 Maurice Shaw Aurora, IL
Saturday, Nov. 18th $50 Aleli Navarrete Montgomery, IL
Sunday, Nov. 19th $100 Loreno Soto Aurora, IL
Monday, Nov. 20th $25 Estela Solorio Aurora, IL
Tuesday, Nov. 21st $25 Edith Vazquez Montgomery, IL
Wednesday, Nov. 22nd $25 Gloria Rivera Aurora, IL
Thursday, Nov. 23rd $25 OLGC Tech Fund
Friday Nov. 24th $25 Maria Rivera Aurora, IL
Saturday, Nov. 25th $50 Patricia Hall Aurora, IL
Sunday, Nov. 26th $100 Dick Mettel Montgomery, IL
Monday, Nov. 27th $25 Miriam Perez Oswego, IL
Tuesday, Nov. 28th $25 Jenny Corlette Aurora, IL
Wednesday, Nov. 29th $25 Juan Hernandez Aurora, IL
Thursday, Nov. 30th $25 Marta Gomez Aurora, IL

Friday, Dec. 1st $25 Penne Family  Aurora, IL
Saturday, Dec. 2nd $50 Gloria Galarza  Aurora, IL
Sunday, Dec. 3rd $100 Julian Garcia  Aurora, IL
Monday, Dec. 4th $25 Favela Family  Aurora, IL
Tuesday, Dec. 5th $25 Maria Rivera  Aurora, IL
Wednesday, Dec. 6th $25 Gabriela Vega  Aurora, IL
Thursday, Dec. 7th $25 Guy Mohiane  Aurora, IL
Friday, Dec. 8th $25 Josie Plascencia Aurora, IL
Saturday, Dec. 9th $50 Teresa Rangel  Aurora, IL
Sunday, Dec. 10th $100 Leticia Molina  Aurora, IL
Monday, Dec. 11th $25 Ms. Ebert’s 7th Grade Class
Tuesday, Dec. 12th $25 Lisa Wehling  Aurora, IL
Wednesday, Dec. 13th $25 Bill Millhouse  Aurora, IL
Thursday, Dec. 14th $25 Juan Juarez  Bristol, IL
Friday, Dec. 15th $25 Rosemarie Greenbush  Aurora, IL
Saturday, Dec. 16th $50 Cindy Olvera  Montgomery, IL
Sunday, Dec. 17th $100 Roberto Gutierro  Aurora, IL
Monday, Dec. 18th $25 Diego Gutierrez  Aurora, IL
Tuesday, Dec. 19th $25 Nilda Pahin  Aurora, IL
Wednesday, Dec. 20th $25 Liola Garcia  Oswego, IL
Thursday, Dec. 21st $25 OLGC Tech Fund
Friday, Dec. 22nd $25 George Ornelas  Aurora, IL
Saturday, Dec. 23rd $50 Bob Brewster  Wheaton, IL         
Sunday, Dec. 24th $100 Roberto Gutierrez  Aurora, IL
Monday, Dec. 25th $250 Tim Greenbusch  Aurora, IL
Tuesday, Dec. 26th $25 Easter Apigo  Aurora, IL
Wednesday, Dec. 27th $25 Isaiah Delgado  Aurora, IL
Thursday, Dec. 28th $25 Filipina Schnabez  Manchester, TN
Friday, Dec. 29th $25 Jesse Villegas  Oswego, IL
Saturday, Dec. 30th $50 Michelle Mendoza  Plano, IL
Sunday, Dec. 31st $100 Maria Rivera  Aurora, IL

The family of Areliz Acosta sold the winning ticket on Christmas Day and won a $250 tuition credit!

Monday, Jan. 1st $25 OLGC Tech Fund Aurora, IL
Tuesday, Jan. 2nd $25 Andrew Madden Yorkville, IL
Wednesday, Jan. 3rd $25 Majolie Mahiane Aurora, IL
Thursday, Jan. 4th $25 Beverly Johnson Aurora, IL
Friday, Jan. 5th $25 Mrs. Dokman's 4th Grade Class Aurora, IL
Saturday, Jan. 6th $50 Sarah Wimmer Montgomery, IL
Sunday, Jan. 7th $100 Liam Riley Montgomery, IL
Monday, Jan. 8th $25 Veronica Weir Oswego, IL
Tuesday, Jan. 9th $25 OLGC Tech Fund Aurora, IL
Wednesday, Jan. 10th $25 Marie Madden Aurora, IL
Thursday, Jan. 11th $25 Allison Thompson Tiskilwa, IL
Friday, Jan. 12th $25 Alma Aburto Westchester, IL
Saturday, Jan. 13th $50 Maria Rivera Aurora, IL
Sunday, Jan. 14th $100 Mary Jo Jordan Yorkville, IL
Monday, Jan. 15th $25 Leticia Molina Aurora, IL
Tuesday, Jan. 16th $25 Deneen Johnson Chicago, IL
Wednesday, Jan. 17th $25 OLGC Tech Fund Aurora, IL
Thursday, Jan. 18th $25 Phil Brown McHenry, IL
Friday, Jan. 19th $25 Bill Feltes Lincoln, NE
Saturday, Jan. 20th $50 Phil Hurd Aurora, IL
Sunday, Jan. 21st $100 Andrea Newell Oswego, IL
Monday, Jan. 22nd $25 Rose Burgess Aurora, IL
Tuesday, Jan. 23rd $25 Rhodel Macasact Aurora, IL
Wednesday, Jan. 24th $25 Filipinas Schnabez Manchester, TN
Thursday, Jan. 25th $25 Colleen Caballes Aurora, IL
Friday, Jan. 26th $25 Edith Vazquez Montgomery, IL
Saturday, Jan. 27th $50 Maria Aquirre Aurora, IL
Sunday, Jan. 28th $100 Jay Albrecht Naperville, IL
Monday, Jan. 29th $25 Jean Aquino Aurora, IL
Tuesday, Jan. 30th $25 Patti Keslinke Broadview, IL
Wednesday, Jan. 31st $25 Jose Barajas Aurora, IL

Thursday, Feb. 1st $25 Maria Barocio  Aurora, IL
Friday, Feb. 2nd $25 Luz Urbina  Aurora, IL
Saturday, Feb. 3rd $50 Claudia Flores  Aurora, IL
Sunday, Feb. 4th $100 Mrs. Dokman’s 4th grade class
Monday, Feb. 5th $25 Rafael M.  Aurora, IL
Tuesday, Feb. 6th $25 Alex Diaz  Aurora, IL
Wednesday, Feb. 7th $25 Linda Serrano  Aurora, IL
Thursday, Feb. 8th $25 Betty Vickery  Oswego, IL
Friday, Feb. 9th $25 Jazmin Delgado  Aurora, IL
Saturday, Feb. 10th $50 Agnes Lasics  Munster, IN
Sunday, Feb. 11th $100 Antwan Reece  Aurora, IL
Monday, Feb. 12th $25 Francisco Vazquez  Oswego, IL
Tuesday, Feb. 13th $25 Oswaldo Sanchez  Berwyn, IL
Wednesday, Feb. 14th $250 Laura Pacelli  Addison, IL
Thursday, Feb. 15th $25 Jose Garcia  Aurora, IL
Friday, Feb. 16th $25 Fernando Yanez  Aurora, IL
Saturday, Feb. 17th $50 Wayne Wessels  Granger, IL
Sunday, Feb. 18th $100 Jackie Stolarski  Greensbouro, GA
Monday, Feb. 19th $25 Patrick Sweet  Aurora, IL
Tuesday, Feb. 20th $25 Myrna Urbina  Aurora, IL
Wednesday, Feb. 21st $25 Elsa Salazar  Elgin, IL
Thursday, Feb. 22nd $25 OLGC Tech Fund
Friday, Feb. 23rd $25 Peter Mulcahey  LaGrange, IL
Saturday, Feb. 24th $50 Lori Coronadi  Aurora, IL
Sunday, Feb. 25th $100 Ricardo DeLeon  Oswego, IL
Monday, Feb. 26th $25 Iara Aquino  Aurora, IL
Tuesday, Feb. 27th $25 Karen Behrns  Aurora, IL
Wednesday, Feb. 28th $25 Edito Rebularran  Joilet, IL